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Q. Do I need to register the First Co. unit?
A. No we track all warranties with the Model and Serial number.

Q. I cannot seem to find my model on this web site?
A. The model you have maybe obsolete which would be located on the obsolete products page.

Q. Can I buy units or parts from First Co.?
A. No sorry we are a Manufacture and only sell through supply houses and Wholesalers.

Q. Who is the Supply house in my area?
A.  First Co. has accounts with just about all the major supply houses that sell A/C –Heating equipment.

Q. I need to replace my First Co. unit but I would like to have a more energy efficient unit?
A. We do have a lot of new products that are more efficient but may go up in physical dimensions than you have on your current system.
Troubleshooting Tips
Q. My hydronic heating system worked last year but doesn’t provide heat this year but I still have hot water?
A. May just need to be purged of air out of the lines. See:  for purging lines.

Q. I have had my water heater replaced and now I don’t get as much heat and/or I get warm to cold water in my shower?
A. In the last few years new water heaters have come with a “heat trap” or check valves on both the inlet and outlet of the water heater. These need to be removed for use with Hydronic heating systems.

Q. Can I repair my system myself?
A. Other than purging the air from the lines we do recommend you call a qualified technician to work on your unit.

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