Parts Identifier

To find a replacement part, enter the specified information in the space provided. Then click on "Find Now" to the right of your selection.

MODEL NUMBER searches can be performed on the basis of a partial number. If you enter HBC, all HBC units will be listed. If you enter, 10HBC, only 10HBC units will be listed. To expedite your search, always enter the most complete model number possible. The results returned for a Model Number search will include the corresponding Product Codes for the units found.

PRODUCT CODE searches are performed by product code and are more efficient than Model Number searches. Enter the full number found on the unit packaging or invoice. An exact match is required to perform a successful search. Example: 451003L (a 10HBC-3 fan coil).

COMPONENT PART NUMBER lists models that use the specified component. A complete part number is required. Example: 320-353 (water coil).

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